NASCAR Officials Launch Investigation after Presley Targets Teammate

Presley #40 strikes Forthun #35 under caution.

Gilson Presley #40 is under scrutiny following his "accidental" contact with Teammate Matt Forthun #35 in Lap 83 in last week's race at Homestead-Miami. Forthun seemed to brush off the incident and referred to it as a miscommunication and held no ill feelings against his teammate. All was thought to be well until a local exhibition race at Charlotte Motor Speedway tonight.

Presley #40 turns Forthun #35 into the infield under caution

There were multiple counts of contact from Presley to Forthun throughout the race. This eventually resulted in Presley taking Forthun out of contention by running him into the inside wall under caution. Moments before Presley delivered the killing blow, he struck Forthun under the same caution.

Forthun's car lays broken and disabled following the cheap shot from Presley

We tried to get more insight as to what NASCAR Officials thought of Presley's actions but Officials declined to offer any comments at this time. The Senior Official did confirm that Presley is under a formal investigation and if these incidents were premeditated or intentional, Presley could be heavily fined or even disqualified for the season.

NASCAR Officials review footage from tonight's race at Charlotte Motor Speedway


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