It is Norse Force Racing League's mission to provide the best experience we can possibly offer our Drivers.  To accomplish this, it is imperative that all Race Series operate under guidelines that will help maintain our High Standards for Driver Experience and Healthy Competition.  The following Rules have been established for this purpose, and will be heavily enforced.  Failure to comply will result in swift and judicial consequence.  We're all here to have a good time and put our skills to the test.  Run a clean Race, Follow the Rules, and we all win.


  • In-SIM Race Time will be identical to NASCAR's IRL schedule except for tracks without lights

  • Cautions ON - Restarts double file (Lapped Cars to EOL)

  • Lucky Dog ON - controlled by iRacing

  • ONE Fast Repair

  • Weather will be dynamic - Track State settings carries over to Race

  • Setup: Fixed - iRacing default for the specific track (night setup when available)

  • Scrubbing Tires is allowed, BUT if contact is made as a result, an EOL will be issued



Lead car should call out Pace Car location in game COMs

When a Caution occurs, driver which causes the wreck;

  • 1st Offense – EOL

  • 2nd Offense – Black Flag 1 Lap down

  • 3rd offense- Parked for the remainder of the race.

pit road

  • All Cars entering pit road must stay to the right

  • No Driving through pit boxes on Entry or Exit, only acceptable to pull through ONE Pit Box before yours

  • Exiting your Pit Box - Pull Immediately to the right lane, do not drive through other pit boxes

  • Treat the Pit areas as if cars have collision enabled - Do not ghost through other drivers


Malicious driving

To include Dive Bomb, intentionally wrecking, turning opponent from behind on purpose to move them. Etc

  • 1st offense – End Of Line

  • 2nd offense – Black Flag - 1 Lap

  • 3rd offense – Disqualified from Race


ALL Restarts are Green Light Only (Including Initial pace lap at start of race) 

No Pre-Launching, Drivers in the rear should maintain pace speed until Green


Lapped Cars

Lapped cars shall move out of the way for lead lap cars.  They must move out of the preferred race line of the track. Failure to do so will result in a penalty. 

  • 1st offense – End of Line

  • 2nd offense - black flagged and sent to pits to do a stop and go

  • 3rd offense – Disqualified from race


Hostile Communications

  • To include verbally bashing another racer for any reason. 

  • Inappropriate language used in a negative way towards another league member with the intent of harm will result in penalty

  • No arguing during the race, must keep communications clear for racing events.  If there is a problem between two or more drivers it will be discussed after the race with Race Marshals

  • Friendly chatter is Ok during yellow flags otherwise keep COMs clear for race events

  • Penalties will stay with you for the season and reset when the new season starts


  • 1st offense – Warning

  • 2nd offense – Suspension

  • 3rd Removal from league

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